Thursday, August 30, 2012

Slurping Turtle - Top Chef Masters Viewing Party

Chef Takashi of Slurping Turtle is currently a competitor on the hit Bravo show, Top Chef Masters.  I had the privilege of meeting Chef Takashi  one of the many times I previously dined at Slurping Turtle.  He was extremely kind, friendly and not to mention, very handsome! When I heard of Slurping Turtle's weekly viewing parties that featured Chef Takashi's creations on Top Chef Masters, I just had to attend!  The Top Chef Masters Menu is still available until next week's new show.  Make your reservations soon to try Chef Takashi's dish that won this week's Quickfire Challenge! [Pictured: A large projector allows for everyone in the restaurant to enjoy the show while it airs.

116 W Hubbard St
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 464-0466
3 1/2 stars on Yelp 

Top Chef Masters Menu for the week of August 29th.
Duck Fat Fried Chicken.  In addition to the Top Chef Masters Menu, you can also order off the regular menu. 
A must order.  Succulent, juicy, and FULL of flavor
Pork Belly Snack off the regular menu.
Absolutely delish.  Sliced pork belly on top of Chinese steams buns.


Course #1, Chef Takashi's Quickfire Challenge Winner: Wellfleet oyster and uni roe with fresh summer truffle with chive and truffle-ponzu vinaigrette. 
Elegant presentation.
Ms. Dita Von Teese commented on how she liked the texture of this dish and I won't go into further detail...   The mild and mushroomy flavors of the shaved summer truffle brought sophisticated flavors to a set of simple and fresh ingredients.  I was absolutely in love with the chive and truffle-ponzu vinaigrette!
First course was paired with Jokicen sake.
Course #2: Sauteed fish and shrimp cake with coconut curry broth.  Crispy egg noodle, napa cabbage, Chinese long bean, bok choy, red pepper, daikon and thai basil.
The broth smelled heavenly!  Rich, creamy, and filled with curry spices, I was soaking every bit of the crunchy noodles in the curry!  I particularly like the diced daikon in the dish.
Paired with Sapparo beer.
Course #3, Option 1: Chahan.  Japanese fried rice with beef short rib.

Fanfriggintastic.  The short rib marinade was spectacular!  The marinade instantly reminded me of my mom's special recipe for her Korean short ribs... and I have never said that about any Korean short rib at any restaurant.

The short ribs are also sliced a bit thicker than the the traditional Korean short ribs.
Course #3, Option 2: Tori Ramen.
Egg noodle, silky chicken broth, grilled chicken, bok choy, and poached egg.
The broth was extremely flavorful and I absolutely love the poached egg with the ramen.  I did not necessarily care for the chicken since it was a bit overcooked, however, I was slurping the noodles away!

Course #2 dishes are paired with a Cabernet Sauvignon blend by Domaine de Plassac.  

Slurping away.
Don't mess with me when I'm eating.
Course #4: Dessert: Egg Shooter, Green Tea Macaron, and Cream Puff Pastry.

Egg Shooter.  Squeeze the lime into the shooter and take it down in one shot.  Creamy, rich, and delicious.  The shooter was like a custard in a sweet, liquid form.
Green Tea Macaron.  OH MY LORDY.  Green tea + macaron = hardcore foodgasm.
Cream puff pastry.
 Fluffy, light, and full of creamy vanilla flavor.  I ate the entire thing even though I was completely stuffed!
The Top Chef Masters Menu is available until next Tuesday, so hurry and make your reservation today!
Happy eating. 


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