Saturday, September 29, 2012

Galbi City

Galbi City is a casual Korean BBQ joint located in Lincoln Park.  "Galbi" is Korean for the very popular Korean BBQ  short ribs.  If I had the chance to acquire any zipcode in the world, it would be in Galbi City. The name alone of this restaurant makes my mouth water.  The Korean BBQ at Galbi City is solid.  If you are a Korean BBQ veteran, do not expect anything like Cho Sun Ok.  Let's be real guys, if you're opening up shop in Lincoln Park, you can't be handing out platters of meat like the Korean BBQ places up north near Rogers Park.  But I am very happy that a legit BYOB Korean BBQ restaurant has opened closer to the heart of the city.  The portions are not huge, but are substantial enough to get all the bang for your buck.  The side dishes are on the smaller side but we had no problem receiving extra sides when we asked for more.  The service here is super friendly and the food is pretty damn good.  If you haven't tried Galbi City yet, I would highly suggest you give it try!  Reservations are accepted via phone.
2437 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 880-9181
4 stars on Yelp

BYOB with NO corkage fee!  Woo hoo!
The Meatlover Galbi Platter is only $18.00 and feeds two people.  This order comes with 1 lb. of galbi, lettuce wraps, wasabi daikon, kimchi, 2 sides of rice, and Galbi City Signature Dwenjang Sauce.
Each charcoal grill has a miniature vent above it to prevent you from smelling like grilled meat when walking out the door after your dinner. 
Lettuce wraps, kimchi, pickled jalapenos, and Galbi City dwenjang all come with your order of galbi.
Wasabi daikon
Fluffy white rice.
Typically, there are bones on the galbi but at Galbi City, they've trimmed off the bones for you.
Just the right amount of char, perfectly caramelized, and exceptionally tender.
Wrap everything up in a lettuce leaf and enjoy.
There's no right or wrong way to eat Korean BBQ.  Fill your lettuce wrap with whatever your famished belly desires.
Fries with house made garlic aioli.  Pretty delish.
Spicy Pork BBQ
Sh*t happens when grilling.  You can't win 'em all.
Big thanks to my hipster friend, Ms. Sara Baris for bringing along her Wine Wipes to wipe away the wine stains on our lips! 

Happy eating.


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