Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Potluck Dinner at the Weissman's

Over the weekend, Boyfriend and I were invited for a potluck dinner at Marc and Stephanie Weissman's amazing apartment in the Goldcoast.  Luca and Amanda, an adorable couple who recently got married in Italy (Bellisimo!), brought over a savory appetizer and scrumptious side dish.  We ended our dinner with vanilla buttermilk cupcakes frosted with green buttercream icing.  Enjoy the pictures whilst your mouth waters.
Appetizers: French loaf, Triple-cream Brie, Truffle Cheese, diced apples, and diced pear.

We sliced bosc pears and granny smith apples.
This truffle cheese and triple-cream brie are to die for!  We purchased both at Trader Joe's.
Platter of Spanish meats. Can't go wrong with an assortment of salami and prosciutto.
Assembled a slice of bread, brie, and apple or pear slice.

Slice of bread, truffle cheese, and salami.
Tuna-stuffed olives wrapped in puff pastry made by our favorite Italian, Luca.
Roasted red peppers, tuna, onions, and olive stuffed puff pastry.  Glorious!
Granny smith apples, blue cheese, and walnut spring mix salad dressed in a light vinaigrette made by Amanda.
Can't forget the veggies!  Savory pan-fried green beans, sun-dried tomatoes, carrots, and root vegetables.
 I love anything potato.
Main course: Oven-roasted chicken made by Marc.  The chicken was so juicy and perfectly seasoned!

Ended our night with vanilla buttermilk cuppiecakes and lots of wine!
Meet Marc's gorgeous wife, Stephanie, with her puppy, Bailey Elizabeth.

Marc and Stephanie, thank you for hosting a marvelous dinner party, and thanks to Amanda and Luca for sharing your delicious appetizer and side dish with us! 

Happy eating.


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