Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cheap Eats: Bop N Grill Food Review

Bop N Grill is located in Rogers Park and offers a variety of creative Korean American fusion dishes.  The food is explosive in flavors, service is fast and best off all, the total bill is cheap!  If you happen to be around the Loyola campus or in Evanston, definitely give this place a try.
6604 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60626
(773) 654-3224
4 1/2 stars on Yelp
In addition to their regular menu, they offer saam dinners and seafood dishes.  Saam dinners are traditional Korean-style entrees in which you essentially make a heartier version of lettuce wraps from the listed ingredients. 

Boyfriend ordered the bibimbop with chicken katsu.  Look at that perfectly cooked egg! 
Mix all the ingredients.  We asked for extra gochujang (spicy pepper sauce) for an additional kick.  The gochujang was not too spicy and tasted slightly sweet. 
I ordered the Umami.  Flavor EXPLOSION.  Ingredients: Tograshi mayo, sundried tomato confit, bacon, truffled duxelle, and smoked gouda on top a burger patty.  
Kimchi Burger.  Carmelized kimchi, fried egg, sharp cheddar, bacon, kimchi mayo, shredded cabbage
Kimchi Fries.  Caramelized kimchi, cheese sauce, bacon, scallions, sesame seeds.
Tofu & Kimchi.  Crispy tofu, caramelized kimchi, nori slivers, scallions, sesame seeds

Bul Dak.  Spicy marinated bbq chicken, onions, carrots, jalapenos.  Set my mouth on FIYAH! I love spicy foods and this was tasty and brought the heat!

 Happy eating.


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