Friday, May 24, 2013

Let's have a SHRIMP BOIL!

Last weekend, I attended a wonderful shrimp boil hosted by the lovely couple, Mr. and Mrs. Cullimore.  Let me tell you, the Mrs. is a fantastic hostess that definitely knows how to pull together a picture perfect event.  From the newspaper table clothes to the bright blue wire baskets, no detail was left untouched.  Let's be honest, any sort of shrimp boil or clam bake can make for an uncomfortable and messy situation.  But the Mrs. pulled off a flawless, tasteful event that left bellies full and hands clean... after numerous paper towels.  :)   I hope this post inspires many of you to host your own Shrimp Boil for Memorial Day Weekend!  A quick and easy bite size s'mores recipe for your outdoor holiday celebration this weekend is up next. 
The event was held in the backyard of the Cullimore's home.  Definitely a rarity in the City! 
Newspapers lined the tables for easy clean up.  Plus, guests did not have to worry about getting anything dirty!  Paper towel rolls were used to offer easy access to an infinite amount of napkins.
Fresh shrimp. YUM.
Adult refreshments.  Cozies were even provided for the beer. 
Lemonade for the kids.  Cubed watermelon added a nice burst of color and hint of sweet flavor.  I loved the addition of the lemon saucer to catch any extra drips from the beverage dispenser.   
Shrimp station.  Where the magic happened. The broth simmered for hours, slowly releasing wonderful flavors from  the bay seasoning, andouille sausage, onions, and potatoes.  

After the broth was ready, corn was added. 
Then the SHRIMP. 
The shrimp and andouille sausage simmered together in the strainer-cooker for easier access to the main attraction. 
17 pounds of shrimp were cooked for the event. 
Hell to the yes. 
Orza pasta was fantastic!  The recipe by Ina Garten called for shrimp, which of course, would be provided in abundance.  A perfect side dish that was thoughtfully prepared.
Boyfriend and I... hungry and waiting for the shrimp! 
As the sun began to set, the candles and hanging bulbs provided a warm, intimate glow. 
The food was laid directly on the table for the guests to grab and eat.  Freshly sliced lemons and shrimp sauce were provided for extra flavor.   Mugs full of the amazing broth were also provided for dipping.  
Loaves of bread were resting on the trail of boiled shrimp, potatoes, corn, and andouille sausage.
NO UTENSILS.   Every hostess's dream for ideal cleanup. 
Wire baskets were provided for discarded shrimp shells. 
Cheers to the fabulous hostess, the lovely Mrs. Cullimore. 
Congratulations to all the 2013 law school graduates! 
Special thanks to Rachel and James for their wonderful hospitality and graduation celebration. 


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