Thursday, December 20, 2012

Whiskey Stones

Teroforma Whiskey Stones makes the perfect gift for those who love their top shelf spirits in their purest form.  These whiskey stones are milled from 100 percent soapstone and chill your choice your liquor without diluting your drink.  Plus, they have the ability to retain its cold temperature for a longer period of time compared to your regular ol' ice cube.  A set of nine whiskey stones come with a bag for storage.  Clean up is a cinch.  Just rinse the stones in filtered water and pat them dry.  Find them here or here for $19.50. 
You have the choice of purchasing a set of six or nine whiskey stones.
Freeze the stones for a few hours and they are ready to use.
Add three stones per drink.  Don't worry, these stones won't scratch the glass.
Pour your drink of choice and enjoy.
Happy shopping. 


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