Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cheap Eats: Lao Hunan (Chinatown)

Lao Hunan has been nominated for Time Out Chicago's Cheap Eatery of the Year for 2012.  Not only that, I was informed that their spicy food is SPICY.  That's enough incentive for me to try a new restaurant.  Boyfriend and I ordered delivery through Grubhub instead of trucking out to Chinatown.  Boy, did this place hit the spot!  If you are a fan of spicy food, you have to give Lao Hunan a try.  Just be ready to have a cup of milk ready to tame the searing flames of chili peppers that will be lashing your tongue.
2230 S Wentworth Ave
(between 22nd Pl & Alexander St)
Chicago, IL 60616
4 stars on Yelp
This place gives you a substantial amount of food. 

The containers themselves are pretty deep too.

Fried rice.  Pretty standard.  Lao Hunan's Chinese boxes are larger in size compared to other restaurants, which means more rice.
Famous Hunan Chili in Black Bean Sauce.  Holy moly, this dish was SPICY and delicious!  Extremely flavorful and savory.
Chairman Mao's Favorite Pork belly.
Look how thick the pork belly slices are!  This dish is pretty oily but the flavors are extremely savory and the pork belly melts in your mouth.  If you are on a diet, don't order this.

They gave us a free can of Coca-Cola!  Or do they do this with every order?  Hm... I guess I have to order again to find out.

Regular and chocolate fortune cookies for dessert. 

Happy eating.


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