Monday, April 2, 2012

Ada Street (Bucktown/Wicker Park)

Ada Street is the newest restaurant created by David Morton and Michael Kornick, creators of DMK and Fish Bar.   Ada exceeded my expectations.  This restaurant offers a variety of small plates and exquisite cocktails making it a perfect date spot.  Service is welcoming and attentive and the food is outstanding.  The location of the restaurant is in the middle of nowhere, but trust me, this is a hidden gem worth searching for.  Reservations can be made via Urbanspoon.
1664 N Ada St
Chicago, IL 60642
(773) 697-7069
4 1/2 stars on Yelp

As soon as you enter Ada, a friendly host leads you into the restaurant by walking through two hallways.
The second hallway boasts their extensive variety of wines along one side of the wall.
Who would've thought that hole punches could provide a modern twist to menus? 
Don't you love their creative cocktail names?
Gonna Love You Until the Wheels Come Off.  Sweet and delish with a hint of chocolate!  Our server informed us that a homemade jam is incorporated into this amazing drink.  
Old School Sazerac.
Black eyed peas. Great way to start a meal.
Polenta fries. I had to re-take this picture 3 times because the steam kept fogging up the lens of my camera. The ketchup had a little spice to it, which I loved.
Brussels sprouts.  Excellent.
Duck confit.  Poached egg, pasta, parmigiano.  The server breaks the egg at the table allowing the yolk to spill into the pasta.  After tasting its rich flavors and tender cooked duck, I now understand why this is known as an Ada favorite.
Octopus, cannellini beans, tabasco mash.  The octopus is extremely tender and fantastic.
Beer steamed mussels. A must order.  One of the best mussels I have ever ordered.  Extremely succulent and juicy.
I appreciated how every single mussel was wide open.  I did not have to toss out a single mussel because it was either sealed shut or not open enough.
Chocolate ganache, tuscan olive oil, sea salt, toasted ciabatta.
Simply divine!  The texture reminded me of gelato that wasn't frozen.  The olive oil and sea salt added more depth to the rich and smooth chocolate.  Apply freely to the warm toasted bread because they provide you with a generous amount of chocolate.

Buttermilk panna cotta.  Irresistibly creamy and silky smooth. The jam and crushed gingersnaps were wonderful compliments to the panna cotta. 

Happy eating.


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