Monday, March 19, 2012

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Food Review (River East)

Gyu-Kaku offers Japanese BBQ cuisine where you are appointed as the grill-master.  Perfectly seasoned and marinated meats, seafood, and vegetables are brought to your table, ready to be grilled in an open gas-fire that is conveniently placed in the middle of your dining area.   It's like having a BBQ but without having to clean up the mess!  Make reservations online for dinner and end your night with a movie at the AMC theater around the corner. 
210 E Ohio St
 Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 266-8929
4 stars on Yelp 

Boyfriend and I chose to explore their Geisha menu ($55.00 for 2 people) which included appetizers, side dishes, BBQ meats and dessert.  Pictured: Salad with hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes in a tangy mayo dressing.
Spicy tuna maki. 
I love spicy tuna.  Take a spoonful of this spicy tuna and roll it in a seaweed wrap.
The concept of this dish is for the customer to make their own maki rolls.  Boyfriend and I split the work.  I made 2 makis, he made the rest.  :) 

Tongs are used for grilling and chopsticks are used for eating to keep things sanitary.  The tray is used for sauces.
Tips are offered on the chopsticks wrapper.
Sukiyaki Bibimbop in a stone bowl.
The server mixes everything and dishes out the rice into individual bowls.  Fantastic service.
The server asks how spicy you'd like this dish.  Of course we asked for her to make it EXTRA SPICY.
The open fire.  Prior to grilling, the grill is greased to prevent the meat from sticking.
The meat comes out according to the heaviness of the marinades and glazes.  You start out with meat seasoned only with salt and pepper.  This was my personal favorite.

Those at those beautiful grill-marks!
Asparagus comes wrapped in aluminum foil.  Just plop on the grill and...
Out comes perfectly cooked asparagus!  This buttery side dish was heavenly!

Garlic shrimp.

We also ordered the Bara Kalbi since it was on special during their Sakura Festival.
Char-grilled goodness.
Two types of sauces are offered on the table.  A ponzu sauce also accompanies the marinated meats.
S'mores for dessert!

I like my marshmallows nice and toasty.
Assembling my s'more...
Perfection!  Wet naps are provided to clean sticky fingers.
Happy eating.



  1. oooh i was wondering about this place! woot! looks so goooood! please try rustic house next and tell me how it is.. or better yet.. let's go together!