Monday, January 14, 2013

Vino2Go: Wine Sippy Cups

Want a fun, practical, and smart Valentine's Day gift idea?  Order a Vino2Go, a sippy cup for wine.  This ingenious invention provides a wine lover a signature wine glass that is portable, light, and almost spill-proof.  For the men, don't worry, the Vino2Go comes in several different colors.  I've tested the product's level of "spill-proofness"in the Business Black tumbler that can be seen below.  Hurry and order these because they run out fast!  These life changing wine sippy cups can be purchased for only $15.99 at The Product Farm
Each cup comes tightly wrapped in tissue paper.
In Party Pink.
In Business Black.
Size comparison with my 13-inch Macbook Air.  The tumbler provides for an estimated 10 oz. wine capacity.
The lid.  As you can see from the pin-size hole, this tumbler is not completely spill-proof.
Slide tab to open and close.
The lid is a snap top closure.
Add wine.
Press down firmly to secure the lid.
This is how much wine spilled out as soon as I tipped over the tumbler.  The product is not completely spill-proof so you can't just toss it in your bag.  However, the minimal amount of wine lost is comparably a lot better than losing an entire glass of wine.
And remember... this is a sippy cup for ADULTS ONLY.
Happy shopping. 



  1. We are so happy that you loved your Vino2Go so much! We now have many different colors and more on the way! Thanks for the blog shout out!

    The Product Farm

    1. I'm glad you like it! I purchased these as gifts and they were an absolute hit! Love the product! :)