Thursday, December 27, 2012

Little Goat

Little Goat is Stephanie Izard's sister restaurant to the famed Girl and the Goat.  The interior design of the space is absolutely adorable.  Little Goat consists of two floors, along with a dining room space located adjacent to the bakery.  The dining room was still under construction during my visit but I took a peek inside behind the large butcher paper lining the glass pane windows, and the space looked very cozy.  Similar to the dining room, the bakery and coffee shop of Little Goat was equally adorable.  Wood paneled walls and wooden floor boards provided a warm and rustic atomosphere.  The large mirror behind the bar and window into the kitchen gave an illusion of a larger space to the small cozy area.  Be sure to take a walk up the stairs and visit the second floor family room area where private events can be held.  Little Goat brings fresh yet hearty, comfort food that is absolutely delicious.  Little Goat makes its full debut this Friday, tomorrow, so be sure to make reservations today.  Big thanks to Ms. Anne Fan for the wonderful company.
820 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 888-3455
5 stars on Yelp
The coffee shop.
Little Goat offers a small retail store with specialty products and novelty Little Goat items.
Stephanie Izard's maple syrup.
The glass panel window allows customers to look inside the busy kitchen.
The bakery offers fresh loaves of bread that can be purchased to go.
All items come packed in a brown paper bag.
The second floor family room. 
Just lovely.  The seat covers of every chair was made of soft leather.
The open kitchen of the second floor brought a feeling as if you were at home.  Chefs continued to bake and prep during our meal and the aroma of the sweet, fresh baked breads filled the entire room.
Smoked chicken mushroom soup.
Delish and packed with flavor.
Goat Chili.
LOVED it.  Extra hearty, rich, and a soup that will definitely stick to your ribs.
The chili comes with an assortment of toppings: croutons, sour cream, sliced pickled peppers, and cheese.
The Little Goat.
Coffee with steamed goat milk.  Absolutely delish.  The drink reminded me of a coffee version of the chai tea made with goat's milk I drank in Kenya.
The Beef.  I thought the idea of using this sticker to seal and label the sandwich was so smart.
Roast beef topped with kimchee, horseradish, bread and butter pickles, nestled between housemade fat bread.
Fantastic.  I loved the sweet and tangy butter pickles with the spicy kick of the kimchee.  I also have no idea what fat bread is... but it was effing delish.
Get the full Little Goat effect when the dining room opens tomorrow.
Happy eating. 


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  1. great post, one of my favorite interiors in Chicago as well! I have not made it to the second floor, so cool!