Sunday, November 11, 2012

MingHin Cuisine

MingHin Cuisine is my favorite spot for dim sum.  Red Chinese floating lanterns line the exterior of the restaurant that leads you into the gorgeous wood paneled foyer.  The natural wood trimmed walls and synthetic elements of glass chandeliers and geometric mirrors provide a warm and modern atmosphere in the restaurant.  Floor to ceiling windows illuminates the large space with natural light.  The dim sum menu is impressively large with a variety of different flavors and types of items to choose from.  Every dish is artfully crafted and some are even too adorable to consume.  Although the Creamy Egg Yolk Bun is a popular item off the dim sum menu, do not forget to order the Macau Style Roast Pork Belly! This item is only offered on the dinner menu but it is one that MUST BE ORDERED.  Reservations can be made via phone.
2168 S Archer Ave
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 808-1999
4 stars on Yelp 

Tea is traditionally served during dim sum.
I loved the adorable yet nifty boxed napkins.
Dim Sum Menu.
You indicate how many dishes you want per item.
MACAU STYLE ROAST PORK BELLY. This is NOT on the dim sum menu... but ORDER THIS ANYWAY. 
Crispy outer crust with a juicy, tender center.  Absofreakinglutely delish.
Dip the pork belly in the side of sugar to bring out the wonderful pork flavors.
Now on to the dim sum menu items. 
Deep fried pork dumpling.
Shrimp crepe.
Stir fried sticky rice.
Pork with preserved egg congee.
Beef crepe.
Pan fried turnip cake.
The starchy texture is a bit flakier than the consistency of mashed potatoes.
Short rib with honey sauce.  Tastes just like Korean short ribs.

MingHin's shrimp dumpling.
Rice crepe with deep fried Chinese donut.
Pan fried vegetable and pork bun.
Beef ball.
Shu Mai.  Pork and shrimp dumpling.
Chicken feet with special sauce.  This was my first time trying chicken feet and I must say, it was pretty good. 
Pan fried corn and pork cake.
Mini sweet custard roll.  So cute.
Puffy egg custard tart.
These babies are freshly made to order and come out piping hot!
Filled with thick, sugary, creamy egg yolk goodness.
Happy eating. 


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