Monday, October 1, 2012

Karyn's on Green

Karyn's on Green creates sophisticated vegan dishes that are creative, fresh, and delicious.  I have never dined inside the actual restaurant, but I have ordered delivery several times from Karyn's on Green via Grubhub.  I particularly like ordering from here during stressful events.  Greasy fast food chains lovingly comfort me during exam seasons but sometimes I feel a need to detox from all the pizza and Chinese food I had ravenously consumed.   I can consistently rely on Karyn's on Green for delicious and healthy meals that will keep me energized without crashing during a long night of studying.  Skeptical about trying a vegan restaurant?  Well let me tell you, Boyfriend is an avid meat-eater and despises any type of vegan food, but I tricked him into trying Karyn's on Green's Chorizo Slider... which he admitted he liked!  So in honor or World Vegetarian Day or just your health, give Karyn's on Green a try!
130 S Green St
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 226-6155
4 stars on Yelp

All meals are packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable brown boxes.
Chorizo Sliders with portobello bacon, frisée, chipotle aioli, and tomato-pepper jam.  
The texture of the cheese and chorizo were surprisingly spot-on!  I loved the heat from the chorizo!
The tomato-pepper jam brought sweetness to the spicy chorizo burger.
Chopped Vegetable Salad.  Romaine hearts, seasonal vegetables, herb vinaigrette   
Extremely fresh while being very generous in portion-size.  This was definitely enough salad for two meals.
Sunflower Hummus pickled olives and raw flax crackers .
The hummus was creamy, savory, and wonderful.
Raw flax crackers.  The crackers were extremely thin and but nutty in flavor and slightly chewy in texture.

Butternut Squash coconut milk, guajillo oil, and chickpeas.  Good but a bit too watery in consistency for me.  I would recommend going for the Raw Broccoli Soup that is pictured below. 
Raw Broccoli Soup.    Raw broccoli, almond, garlic, lemon.  I absolutely LOVED this soup!  Wonderfully creamy, rich, and full of fresh lemony, broccoli flavors.  It was surprisingly extremely filling and I could only finish half of it! 
Raw Maki Roll red pepper almond pâté with summer vegetables.
Fresh, filling, and flavorful.  This was like a summer roll with a hint of nuttiness to it.  I loved the fresh crunch from all the veggies.
Kale Slaw red cabbage, apple, cashew, and sesame vinaigrette.  I LOVED this dressing!  The dressing was on sweet, yet savory and went perfectly with the fresh kale.  The kale is so filling, I had enough salad for an additional meal.
Zucchini Pasta marinated summer squash, wild mushrooms, and sun dried tomato marinara . 
The wild mushrooms were meaty and unbelievably delish!  The tomato sauce is more of a paste but works well with the raw zucchini.

I love raw spaghetti and this dish was scrumptious! 

Happy World Vegetarian Day and, of course, happy eating. 


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