Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cheap Eats: B.B.Q. King House

B.B.Q. King House is one of the many amazing restaurants located in the Chinatown Square.  However, one thing that stands out B.B.Q. King House from the rest is their GINGER SCALLION OIL that accompanies the Princess Chicken.  Oh my Lordy, ever since Boyfriend and I visited this restaurant, we've been requesting ginger scallion oil at every single Chinese establishment.  We even took the time to call multiple Chinese restaurants available on Grubhub to ask if they offered ginger scallion oil.  You may think, "Grace, WTF. It's oil." My response to you is "Your Name Here, it's not just any oil.  It's oil with fresh ginger and scallions, seemingly laced with crack."  B.B.Q. King House provides a very casual atmosphere and is a perfect spot for your lunch break with very forgiving prices.   Every item we ordered during our lunch was only $4.50!  Holy shnikies, this is a robbery that everyone needs to partake in!  Go eat there now!
2148 S Archer Avenue
(between Cermak Rd & 21st St) 
Chicago, IL 60616
3 1/2 stars on Yelp
(312) 326-1219

This place is the real deal.  Roasted ducks are hung in the storefront.
Very casual atmosphere.
A WHOLE ROASTED DUCK FOR $18.00?!?!  How do these people stay in business?!?  A conundrum, indeed.
Hot tea is poured for you at your table.
A Chinese herbal chicken soup is provided before your dinner.
Princess Chicken
The hearty portion of chicken and rice also comes with a side of bok choy.
Juicy, tender, and well cooked.  Beware, there are bones in some pieces.
GINGER SCALLION OIL.  IT'S LIFE CHANGING.  Look how it scintillates in the light...  This oil brings bursts of fresh flavors of ginger and scallions that enhances any dish.
I topped off the rice and chicken with a generous spoonful of ginger scallion oil. 
Roasted Duck.
Just perfect.  Crispy skin with juicy white meat.  I must admit, I still prefer Sun Wah B.B.Q's Peking duck.  But for $4.50,  sh*t, I'll be back in a heartbeat.
Congee with roasted duck.  The congee is similar to porridge.  Creamy, thick, and hearty. 
But it tasted much better with a bit of ginger scallion oil.
The ginger scallion oil also ended up on all the rice I had on my plate.

Happy eating.


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