Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Bristol for Sunday Brunch

The Bristol is owned by Executive Chef Chris Pandel and offers a creative and delicious Sunday brunch menu.  From the "fresh out of the oven" pastries, flavorful and unique brunch plates, and the side of plump sausages, every dish I tried gave me a solid foodgasm.  My friend from high school, Andy Lim, is also an outstanding chef in this kitchen, so be sure to say hello if you see him.   Reservations can be made via Opentable.
2152 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 862-5555
4 stars on Yelp

The menu is also written on the chalkboard walls.

I loved this coffee set.  As you sip, the drawing on the inside of the cup slowly reveals itself.  Plus, excellent coffee.  
Biggie cinnamon roll.
Fantastic!  Served warm with an ooey gooey center and topped with a generous portion of icing that melts into the bun.  Be ready to lick fingers after eating a morsel of this heavenly, sticky goodness.
Cherry scones with devonshire cream.
Freshly baked and served warm.  Obsessed.
Holy friggin' moly.  Huge, sweet cherries baked into a light, delicate, buttery scone and topped with a slightly sweet devonshire cream.   Absolutely divine. 
Duck fat fries.
Nom nom nom.  ORDER THESE.
Raspberry glazed donut with fresh raspberries.
I felt that it was necessary to post at least three pictures of this beautiful donut.   A bit excessive?
A light and airy donut served warm, drenched in a wonderfully sweet raspberry glaze topped with fresh raspberries.  This is  a Krispy Kreme doughnut on crack.
Cured salmon, home made everything bagel, and a hard cooked egg.
A fresh home made everything bagel.  Everything bagels are my all time fave.
I loved the deconstructed presentation and vibrant colors of this dish.
The pink pickled onions was a nice twist to the traditional red onion slices that come with lox and bagels. 
Hangover breakfast.
Noodles, pork belly, spicy serrano, and poached egg.
The ultimate hangover cure!  The flavorful pork broth has a creamy and rich consistency of Japanese ramen with the fresh flavors of Vietnamese pho.  Absolutely delicious and was hailed as a favorite of that morning.
Braised pork chilaquiles, salsa roja, cilantro, lime, and fried egg.
Great Mexican flavors and I loved how all the ingredients were creatively served in one bowl.  Kind of like a Mexican-style bibimbop. 
It's a fiesta in your mouth. 
The necessary side of sausage. 
Plump, juicy, and perfectly sweet and savory.
Big thanks to Chris, Kevin, Andy, and the rest of the team at The Bristol for an unforgettable brunch.
Happy eating.


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