Sunday, July 29, 2012

Diaper Cake Tutorial

A diaper cake is the perfect DIY baby shower gift that is simple, affordable, and practical!  Not to mention, SO adorbs!   Top the "cake" off with some baby crocs or a rubber ducky for an added touch.  Bring a batch of delectable vanilla cupcakes along with your DIY diaper cake and you're sure to be dubbed a favorite of the part
  • 1 cardboard paper towel tube
  • 1 box of diapers
  • Rubberbands
  • Ribbon, preferably in 1/2" width and 1" inch width
  • Double stick tape
  • Cake topper of your choice
  • Any other decorations of your choice
1.  Roll individual diapers from bottom to top and secure with a rubber band. 
2.  Begin to surround the rolled diapers around the cardboard paper towel tube.  Secure each layer with a rubberband.  I like to secure at least 4 layers of diapers around the cardboard paper towel tube for the base of my diaper cake.  
3.  Continue steps 1 and 2 to make additional tiers until you've achieved your desired look. 
4.  Use the ribbon to decorate and conceal the rubberbands. 
5.  Add a cake topper and secure with a wider ribbon.

Beautiful mother of two, Mrs. Esther Shin, informed me to choose "Huggies, all the way!

You'll need A LOT of rubberbands in all sorts of sizes.
Be sure to save your empty cardboard paper towel tubes!
Take one diaper.
Roll from bottom to top.
Make sure to roll the diaper pretty tightly.
Secure with a rubberband.
Diaper bonanza!
Stand up your paper towel tube.
With a larger rubber band and one diaper roll, begin to form your base.
Secure with a larger rubberband once the diapers encircle the tube.
Repeat the steps until you've formed your base.
I like to try to keep all the rubberbands in the center of the rolled diaper.
Repeat steps to create an outer layer.
I like to have 4 layers encircling the tube to form the base of my diaper cake.
Repeat the same steps for the second tier.
Repeat the same steps for the third tier.
Use ribbon to conceal the rubberbands and decorate the cake.
Add a cake topper.

The finished product.
Say hello to Joshua Jihoon Lee. 6 lbs, 9 oz.  Welcome home little buddy.
Congratulations Ted and Carol! 


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