Monday, May 14, 2012

Hannah's Bretzel

Hannah's Bretzel is one of my favorite sandwich shops in the city.  All their ingredients are fresh and (mostly) organic.  All sandwiches are made to order on a freshly baked pretzel baguette.  This sandwich shop is extremely clean and eco-friendly while offering soups, salads, coffee, and tea.  What a lot of people aren't aware though is that Hannah's Bretzel offers FANTASTIC breakfast sandwiches!  Wake up early because breakfast ends at 10:00 a.m. 
 Several locations in the Loop and one on Michigan Ave.
180 W Washington St
Chicago, IL 60602
4 stars on Yelp
In addition to their amazing organic, fair trade coffee, they also offer a variety of high-quality teas.  Plus, Hannah's Bretzel also offers agave nectar as a sweetener at the counter.
They also carry my favorite: Mighty Leaf teas! 
Chocolate-haven!  From luxe chocolates brands like Vosges to organic and exotic chocolates, Hannah's Bretzel has an impressive variety of high quality chocolate.  They are on the pricer side but if you are a serious chocolate lover, give these flavors a try.  
They also offer miniature "fun-size" versions of their chocolates for a more guilt-free tasting.
Imported cookies and organic or gluten-free cookies are also available for purchase.
Healthy options are available for sides. 
[Pictured: Roasted vegetable side and soy nuts]
The potato chips are a must. Thick-cut and extra crunchy!
Orders are made-to-order. 
Organic grass-fed sirloin sandwich.
Certified organic grass fed sirloin that is free of antibiotics, growth hormones, nitrates or sulfates on an organic bretzel baguette topped with swiss Gruyére cheese, vine tomatoes (not sprayed with pesticides), organic field greens, organic onions and finished with horseradish aioli.
The ever-so-popular Sergio's Special! Sweet and spicy and my ultimate favorite from Hannah's Bretzel.
French Madrange ham and Swiss Gruyère cheese with avocado, sliced jalapeños and mango chutney on organic bretzel baguette.  When I'm feeling extra sassy, I'll ask for double the jalapenos.
Apple Thyme and Brie.  Party in your mouth!  Brie-lovers, this sandwich is a MUST!

Happy eating.


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