Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sweets Galore at Live Aqua

Live Aqua is every sugar-addict's confectionery heaven.  Pastries, chocolates, spreads, and jams galore, enjoy these pictures of Live Aqua's impressive sweets table and desserts.
A myriad of sauces are available during brunch to top off your french toast, pancakes, or bread.  I even added the condensed milk to my coffee in my attempt to create cafe con leche.
My personal favorite was the watermelon, cinnamon, and chili jam.  Sweet and spicy!
I'm not gonna lie... I tried every single pastry.
Alphajores-style donuts!  Reminded me of the alphajores in Argentina.

The caramel-soaked apples were amazing!  And the white stick is actually white chocolate.
Tres leches cake.

Happy eating.


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