Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lunch with Mom

Every weekend after I submit a paper for school, I like to unwind and have lunch with my mom.  Meaning, I ask my mom to make me a home-cooked meal.  I believe my mom is the best chef in the entire universe.  Enjoy the pictures and feel free to use her ideas for any healthy luncheon you may want to hold for your friends.

Sashimi platter from Dempster Fish Market.  Dempster Fish Market provides the freshest sushi at the best price in Chicago.  A GREAT place to pick up sushi for large parties.   
My mom's homemade spicy tuna.
My mom sliced and diced an assortment of vegetables and seafood to make mini sushi rolls.
Look at how meticulously she cut each vegetable!  My mom is profesh.
Roasted Seaweed.
Roasted seaweed can be purchased at any ethnic food store.
The great thing about the veggie platter idea is that everyone can make their own customized sushi rolls.  If you're on a low carb diet, this is perfect for you.
I love carbs, so I needed to add some rice in my sushi.
Since all the ingredients were already prepared and set at the table, all I had to do was assemble my own sushi. 
Simple, healthy, and delish.
Pa-jun.  Korean style seafood pancakes.
My mom prepares the batter filled with mussels, octopus, and green onions.
She then puts them on the griddle to cook perfectly.
Mom's homemade kimchi.  Spicy, pickled cabbage.
And of course, I always ask my mom to make kalbi.  It's essential!  Marinated Korean-style short ribs.

Happy eating.


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