Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flo & Santos Food Review (South Loop)

Flo and Santos serves "Tavern Style" brick oven pizza and classic Polish dishes.  Who knew pizza and pierogies went so well together?   I order from here quite frequently during exam season for reliable and quality sustenance.  If you love thin crust pizza, this is one pizzeria you need to try.  

1310 S Wabash Ave
(between 13th St & 14th St)
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 566-9817
4 stars on Yelp 

Pierogi appetizer.  You get two of each type of pierogi: (1) potato and cheese, (2) meat, and (3) sauerkraut and mushrooms. 
Sour cream and applesauce accompany this appetizer.
The pierogies rest on a bed of sauerkraut that tastes fantastic!  I am usually not a fan of sauerkraut but I found myself scraping the bottom of the plate to finish any bits and pieces that were leftover. 

Sauerkraut and mushroom pierogi.

Potato and Cheese pierogi.

Meat pierogi topped with sauerkraut and sour cream.
Marco's Italian Beef Pizza Thin Crust Specialty 12" Medium Pizza.  The Grace's Favorite Specialty Pizza (sausage, mushroom, red onion, and green pepper) is also fabulous but I may be biased because of the name.
Shaved beef, giardiniera, caramelized onions, and fire roasted tomatoes. 
Sweet and spicy with a little sass!  The only drawback was that the crust was a bit soggy.  Boyfriend and I never encountered a soggy crust at Flo & Santos before so we came to the conclusion that the culprit was the juice from the giardiniera peppers. 
Coffee with dinner.  I love their tall and sleek mugs! 
We had no room for dessert but here's a picture of their dessert menu.  They offer fried pazkis (Polish-style donuts)!

Happy eating.


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